Tidal Playlist songs duplicated and some songs are not playable


1- When I opened TIDAL Masters for Peter Gabriel for

example all of the songs are duplicated and one is grayed out.

2- Some albums show all the songs but some are greyed out, those greyed out are not playable. However, if I open the same album directly on TIDAL all songs for the same album are playable. What is going on?

Hello @Jose7, we are directly connected to TIDAL database, if you have greyed tracks in a Album or playlists, this is probably related to a restriction imposed by right holders.


The thing is when I use TIDAL directly, all of them are there and I can play them all.

If the problem is the restriction imposed by right holders shouldn’t I wouldn’t be able to play them in TIDAL desktop application as well?

And what about the duplicated songs showing at Peter Gabriel Masters playlist?

We are a Tidal partner and it’s possible that some of the track you want to play have been removed by tidal for their partners. I’m sorry but we do not have any power on this kind of things, it’s all handled by Tidal.

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