Tidal playlists order not correct (only) in remote

When adding a Tidal playlist on the PC, the order of the tracks is correct.

When adding the same playlist in the remote app on Android the order is sorted by album, although I have not configured this anywhere as far as I know.

Also I think this bug is new, I can’t remember this happening in the past, although I am pretty sure I have added Tidal playlists with the remote app before.

Hello @econaut,

Are you using Windows 10 or Mac OS? Do you also have the setting to sort streaming playlist in Audirvana settings in Sorting criteria section?

I am using Windows 10.

That setting is off like in your screenshot, that’s why I was wondering.

If you enable it and you change the sorting setting, does it change it in the playlist you have created in Tidal?

To be more specific: I am talking about playlists made by Tidal, not Tidal playlists made by myself.

Turning on the setting and changing parameters doesn’t do anything with these playlists. Same “bug”.

It’s possible that Tidal made it available for us but at the time we have integrated Tidal we only had the possibility to sort playlist made by the user. We will need to take a look at this to see if it’s now available.

Well, to avoid any misunderstandings:

  1. There are Tidal curated playlists with a certain order of tracks.
  2. I want these playlists to have the correct order as Tidal intended.
  3. This is the case when I open such a playlist with Audirvana on PC.
  4. This is not the case when I open such a playlist with the remote app on Android.
  5. I don’t want to change the order at all.
  6. I think the remote worked correctly a few weeks ago, but maybe my memory tricks me on this.

Can you do screenshots of the sorting criteria you have in the Remote?

Sure, screenshots attached (unfortunately, in German).

But changing the settings there does not change the view of the mentioned playlists. They are always sorted by album right now.

The sorting you see in the Remote is made independently from Audirvana. It can be disturbing as you see it’s not the way you thought it would be displayed but we will improve this in a future version of the Remote.

Alright, thanks for letting me know and I am looking forward to that fix in the remote app!

Any update on this fix in remote? Also, in remote I have to go under Local Playlists Tidal but it only shows 9 of the dozens of Tidal playlists that show in the Tidal app under My Collections.

Not to mention that under Tidal, the playlist section shows some random Playlists… which is just plain goofy. Add to that that you have to go to Favourites click Tidal and can see your Albums, Artists and Songs but NOT your playlists. I get the feeling that Audirvana is geared toward my local media and streaming integration is a work in progress?

Any ETA on an update for the app/remote to address these things? Thnx

What do you mean by that? Can you make a screenshot of what you describe?

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