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I’m brand new to Audirvana and I have been using it only a few days. I mostly use the desktop app in my office when I’m working ti listen to music… and then use the iPad or iPhone Audirvana Remote app to play music in my Living Room for relaxing and entertainment.

I can see on the iPad and iPhone iOS version a section that shows my TIDAL playlists… I don’t seem to be able to filter a most recently created or recently added view… is that correct…? it just seems like a large alphabetical list and I have 100s of playlists, so this is very frustrating and on the desktop app version I can’t seem to be able to find my TIDAL playlists at all, just ALBUM, TRACKS or ARTISTS… is that correct…?


Hi @CreativeAntoCork,

By default we display them alphabetically but its something we are working on to add sort criteria like those who you are talking about.

You can see all of them here

But if you want to search for them, you can also use the search of Audirvāna:

Thank you for your reply Antoine… but when I click on the My Playlists option I only get one playlist thumbnail on display… a playlist that I did nor create and a playlist if I get into on it, contains 62,255 tracks.I did not make this. If I look at My Playlists that I recently created in TIDAL there are many individual playlists containing a variety of tracks… 29, 57, 107, 194 etc… none of these playlists display on the desktop version… but they do appear on my iOS devices.

Please advise…


Have you tried to scroll? They are here if you scroll past all of your Music playlists.

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So what is that one big playlist on top about…?

Yes… you are 100% right… all I could see below was my local music source playlists files… but as soon as I scrolled down through them… the TIDAL playlists went on display… again… I have a very large library of TIDAL and local music (playlists especially, as I create these as I DJ also every week on live radio), so having to scroll through all this amount of music is incredibly cumbersome and inefficient.

Can I order to have my TIDAL playlists on top… ?

All of the playlists you see in My playlist sections are the smart playlists and playlists with tracks from local and streaming service combined.

You can manage them here:


You can’t do this. You will always have:

  • My playlists on top
  • Music (if you you choose the Music synchronization)
  • Streaming service connected

But if you want to find them more easily, I recommend you to use the playlist manager which you can access by clicking on the purple icon displayed in the screenshot above :point_up_2:

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