Tidal + Qobuz together on AS - Suggestion

Hi All.

I am using both Tidal and Qobuz with AS. When I browse My Music → Albums, AS shows all the favourite albums, but if the same album is a favourite both of Tidal and Qobuz, it is shown twice:

It would be IMHO useful the approach chosen by Roon: in this scenario, the user can choose a “primary version” and only this version is shown in the overall list of favourite albums:

What do you think about it ?

Thank you

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Your point is interesting, but, as an example, in Roon you are free to define a primary version, but you are not obliged to do it; if you want to browse all the available versions, you can. I think this might be an interesting option.

I am new to this forum, and have the exact same thoughts. It would be preferable to be able to choose a “primary version” of duplicates.