Tidal - Song or Artist Radio

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Running a trial, connected to Tidal. I am trying to replicate the “song radio” or “artist radio” function. I cannot seem to find a way to do that. Am I missing something?


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Hello @WallyShadow, this feature is not available for third party apps with Tidal, this is why you can’t see it in Audirvana.

Not only the Tidal application has the options “Artist radio” and “Track radio” It has the application “Mconnect”, “USB audio player pro” and many other applications. Also free. It is a pity that the paid Audirvana application is so little functional.

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Hi @Antoine @Damien

This is not true.

See screenshot of mConnect Player HD ($9 iPad app).

Is this Tidal Autoplay feature coming to Audirvana?

I don’t know what API MConnect is using or if they have access to a more recent API version than us but in our case it’s either not documented or we have not access to this.

Most like you don’t have access at the moment.

Can you ask Tidal about it?

Would be great feature to add to Audirvana.

We asked them about it and they said they will give us access to more feature during 2022.

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I understand that Tidal has to provide access to certain features if AS is going to be able to replicate them, but couldn’t AS provide its own version of Autoplay based on a user’s “My Music”? Since AS can see Albums, Artists, and Tracks couldn’t a randomly selected Playlist be put together and played at the end of the currently playing Playlist? At the very least if user created Playlists exist AS could randomly select one of these to start playing at the end of the current Playlist. This would simulate what Tidal is doing over its whole catalogue.

USB Audio Player PRO has this function for some time now, at least 1 year.

Hello @kdracu,

When you are using the latest version of Audirvāna Studio, when you are at the end of the last playing track from Tidal, you now get the track radio of the last track being played.

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Hi Antoine, hope you’re doing well.

I can’t see the option, regardless of the progression of the track played. Can you please provide a screenshot?



I’m sorry I can’t for the moment due to a bug on the forum but if you can post a picture, can you post a screenshot of what you see when you go on Audirvāna Studio settings under the streaming section?

Strong words, but inappropriate in this case.
“song radio” or “artist radio” function is different than the situation in your image.