Tidal tracks conversion

Then it’s correct. You don’t have to fiddle with the integer mode setting. If you want to try, it’s in the DAC settings.

OK - but Core Decoder is part of AS, isn’t it?
Why convert the original 16/44 to 88?

And I will add - when I play it with other software player (also with Core Decoder onboard) DAC shows 44.1.
When I play it with the Studio, the same DAC shows 88,2 …

My personal aversion to MQA plays a role in this case. You can ignore me :wink:
At the competitor, Roon pays MQA per core decode. Each decode generates income on the MQA side. (Roonlabs forum does not work for me at the moment. I am trying to find the quote from the Roon COO that says that any core decode means that Roon makes less profit.)

But I would say: With the help of an MQA encoder files have been mastered and put on Tidal.
Now there is an MQA core decoder in AS and it does not do what is expected. Maybe the development team made an implementation mistake and files are being decoded incorrectly.

It is interesting that this is possible with a format that exists by the grace of authentication.

Again I’m biased when MQA is in the topic.

That’s correct, and it’s used only if your DAC is not MQA capable or you have a MQA Renderer, not decoder. On those cases it just does the first “unfold”. If you have a MQA Decoder, it does nothing and just passes the bit-perfect stream to the DAC for the full “unfolding”.

It’s correct that it kicks in, but it shouldn’t alter the resolution of the content that is sourced from 44.1. It would just apply the corrections for the recording artefacts and leave the resolution intact. At least that’s my understanding how it should work.

That’s also what I suspect, but maybe @Antoine can shed some light on this.

I just noticed this as well. But it doesn’t happen for all songs and it varies. What is interesting as you can see in the transfer section, the signal sent to the DAC is not labelled MQA but PCM. On the other hand my DAC is showing an Magenta LED and acknowledging it is receiving MQA.

I used to not pay attention to this because when I saw the LED I assumed everything else was working correctly.

Actually it changed in another playthough for the same song…