Tidal trial is not working


I’m trying to get my Tidal-trial to work. I can log in and browse albums. But when I try to play an album, all I get is: Unable to open an audio file for playback. Any idea what this is? I have tried to turn off the firewall with the same result. The highresaudio-trial worked perfectly. Qobuz is not available in my country (Sweden).



What is your TIDAL subscription?
you can read it in TIDAL paragraph of the Streaming section of the settings page

Thank’s for the reply.

The Streaming Tidal account-section says:
My account-name
Dropdown is set to: Master

FREE then means your TIDAL subscription is not active for streaming.

I’m sorry but I do not follow you. I have retrieved the voucher and log in with my account details. What else do I have to do?

I’m apologize for all these questions. If there are an instruction page, please direct me to it.

Kind regards