Tidal voucher not work

hi, today I made at the request of the voucher of three months for tidal, created a new account but what I got is a trial period that will expire on 07/06/20

Ciao, No help to give?

Hello @Paolosnz, I checked at your mail and will report it to Tidal to understand where the issue is from.

thanks for your interest, I look forward to your updateschrome_6caKuVoYlk

In fact, my tidal voucher was suspended after 7 days … Being my main source for music and seeing no alternative solution on your part, I will pay a month, hoping that in the meantime you will solve the problem. Obviously I would like to postpone the voucher of the three-month trial I would not have 2 active subscriptions ps at the moment the situation is very disappointing

hi, have you forgotten me?

Hello @Paolosnz, I didn’t forget you, I had a response from Tidal yesterday and I’m contacting users who had this issue, take a look at your private message on the forum and you will find how to use your voucher :slight_smile:

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