Tidal voucher option gone

Is there a time limit on getting the Tidal free trial on AS? Just looked and the option to get the voucher has disappeared.

Hi @Dazza,

TIDAL no longer offers vouchers to get a trial extension of their streaming service. We hope it will be back in the future after they make the pricing change they plan to make on 2024-04-09T22:00:00Z.

Thanks @Antoine I knew I should have activated it sooner.

New pricing is up. Here’s hoping that extended trial with AS comes back and sooner rather than later :wink:

You can trial their application for free, or pony up for a month to test with Studio.

Fairly minor investment in the audio hobby imo.

Yes, I know they offer a month free trail but up until a week or two ago, you could have 3 free months if you were an AS user.

Yes the three months were quite a nice deal, I’ve moved over to Qobuz but this shake up at Tidal is interesting the MQA thing and a fair reduction of fees might help them acquire more customers. Best luck finding what works for you.

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I’m currently with Qobuz and I’m impressed with the sound quality but I’ve started to come across one or two gaps in their library. Now that Tidal has merged their higher tier into the standard price it’s become a far more interesting alternative.

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One or two gaps in their library?
That’s funny…

Funny how?..……

It’s funny because, well, because… has the poster checked Tidal’s entire library? and checked it against every album track or song ever released? It’s just funny saying “I’ve noticed one or two gaps”, in such an immense database, that’s all.

Sorry for not being more specific. I have searched for specific tracks and albums that cannot be found on Qobuz. I have asked people I know who use Tidal if the tracks are on there and they generally are. Qobuz is excellent but it does have some of the music I like missing. The same could be said of Tidal if you like jazz or classical. It very easy to know if things are missing from a data base of tens of millions if you are looking for a specific track or album.

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Is cool, just me being my normal pedantic self… joking about…
It was more the ‘one or two’ bit I found amusing, there’s probably millions!


Sometimes you simply can’t find stuff.

An example Wolfgang Rubsam (who ?) recorded 2 discs of the Bach Cello sonatas transcribed for harpsichord . Found disc 1 easily but under Artist the second wasn’t there . I did a search on the full album title nd it popped up.

I listen to a lot of classical and find Tidal very comprehensive , I subscribe to Gramophone , a classical only magazine, I read a review then nip to Tidal to listen to the CD. Rarely if ever does Tidal come up blank.

I really don’t see how else you can evaluate the completeness of their library other than random “picks” or going through some artists discography with a fine tooth comb. They claim 110 Million tracks

I am happy with Tidal , Qobuz hasn’t ventured into South Africa yet