Tidal with non-MQA DAC - Best Settings?


I am using a Musical Paradise D-1 DAC with my Mac mini running Audirvana. The DAC is non MQA

I am confused about the best settings for Audirvana.

Is it possible to get the Mini to do the MQA decoding and hand it off to the DAC for the rest?

What are the best settings? And is it possible to have my DAC be as good or comparable with Qubuz with the same DAC?


Nope, Audirvana will only do the first unfold. For the rest you need an MQA enabled DAC.

Just set the auto-detect MQA to off and manually set to “non MQA”. Whether it will be better than Qobuz depends on the subscription you have with both services, and what you make of the MQA.

I have the highest fidelity for both Qubuz and Tidal. So with that setting tidal should be comparable to Quobuz, and the difference in sound will be subtle?


Of course, from uncompressed 16/44.1 on, it’s all about subtleties.

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