Tidal worked before purchase, not after

I installed the trial version on my desktop and laptop and love it so I purchased it. When I purchased Audirvana, all of the sudden on my laptop only it says that my Tidal login information is incorrect. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Audirvana with no result. So now I can only get it on my desktop when I had both before.

Hello @Ctwest,

Are you using a Windows 10 or MacOS device when you have the issue?

Windows 10 on both the laptop and desktop

Can you try to reinstall Audirvana?

I did reinstall it with the same result

Have you tried to login into Tidal directly. Maybe something is wrong with the account.

Tidal is working fine

Have you tried to reset your password?

I did try resetting my password on Tidal, but do you mean Audirvana?

You don’t have password for Audirvana so Tidal, have you tried again?

I did try again uninstalling everything and re-installing and it now seems to be working!

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