Title Bar not visble at launch

When Audirvana is started full screen, the body of the windows is displayed but never the title bar. I have to minimize and maximize to have the title to bedisplayed. Not crucial but can be probably easily adressed. Both onAUgin or 3.50.xx

I just tested it with Audirvana Origin and Audirvana 3.5. The problem does not occur on my system (Windows 11). Have you checked the graphical settings on your computer (scaling, latest video drivers etc.)?

What happens when you double click on the title bar to get it to maximize and then close and restart Audirvāna?

Hello Windows 10, All drivers kept updated by AVG Driver update. The problem occurs only full screen. WIth a window not full screen the problem doesn’t occur.

Can you please do a screenshot of this? It will be much more convenient for me to reproduce it on my side.

Hello , voici la copie d’écran, juste après le démarrage

Puis après minimize / maximize

Bonne investigation

I see your Windows taskbar is on top of the screen. It could have something to do with that. Most people have their taskbar at the bottom. In Windows 11 it is not possible anymore to place the taskbar on top or at the sides.

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As @AndyLubke has mentioned, there are Windows apps that don’t compensate for the task bar being positioned anywhere but the bottom of the screen. This used to be a lot more common than it is today, but it’s still a pain when it happens.

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Thanks all for your replies.
I was wondering if it was not in the management of some windows event at start that should have triggered a refresh and can be easily corrected.
This is not a big problem.

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