To many installs Error

I purchased m1 Mac mini. before I bought it. there was a Mac books pro with audirvana.

I tried to install into new Mac mini but failed . it said too many installs. SO I deleted the audirvana in old computer and I tried to it again. But FAILED !!

plz tell me how to install new Mac m1 ASAP.

thank you

Put it back in the old mac… go to Audirvana menu and de-authorize it…

Then try launch it on the new Mac (you are supposed to have two licensed mac to play with)…
BUT, i think you will have to wait 24h even if de-authorize first :frowning:

or wait for Damien to show up here to help you…

Thank you for ur help. But sadly I already deleted the previous Audirvana in old Mac. I think I should wait for Damien. How much time should I wait? I wonder.

6pm in canada now… around midnight in France… 8 hours maybe waiting :slight_smile:

you just have to put back in applications folder Audirvana software open it, de-authorize it… close it… open it in new mac and see… or wait till tomorrow morning France time…

okay I’ll try it!! thank you ^^


I’m really appreciate your concern.

Have a nice dinner time.^^

Happy music too you :+1:t2:

Haha You too :grin: :grin:

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