To select sound output from external sound card managing multichannel


simple question:

if I plug an external sound card managing multichannel into usb on my mac, could I select the sound output for this sound card in Audirvana?
So if yes, should i be able to switch between multichannel and stereo in your audio output setting of my DAC or my iso SACD?


Hello @Tugari,

Yes you will be able to select it as an audio output.

You can manage the audio output audio in Audirvana and force him to play the track in Stereo if you want to.

…and i want to play audio in multichannel?

Audirvana always take the maximum audio capability of your output so yes, you can play your audio in multichannel if it has the capability.

  1. how many audio channels maximum?
    can it play audio formats with how many channels maximum?

  2. Can it select the audio channel to hear?
    if not, i guess it will be up to the sound card to do it

How many channel you want to play? 5,1, 6.1, 7.1, 10.1? There is no real limitation as Audirvana is using the capacity of your sound card.

You can select it but you will need to use Audio midi setup in order to do it.

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