To use integer mode or not?

My DAC uses a 32-bit floating point. What should my Audirvana settings for integer mode be set at? I have not tried to A/B anything and not sure I understand it at all LOL.


Oh And by the way I’m connected to the rest of the equipment Mac Mini to DAC through USB, DAC to Amp RCA analog.

In essence, it’s a computer transport’s ability to strike up a direct conversation with the DAC or USB converter without using the uppermost layers of the operating system (kernel) as a go-between (core audio processes reduced). So in theory could help eliminate noise etc.

No harm in turning it on…see if it enhances SQ. If not may as well leave it off.

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Yes put it on… from the old manual…

Integer mode: In this mode Audirvana Plus directly sends the audio data to the lowest level in CoreAudio, bypassing the driver audio mixer and the format converter. This enables to achieve very high sound quality.

Audio buffers memory allocation

Set the maximum amount of memory Audirvana Plus can use for loading the audio tracks in memory. Increasing this value will reduce further the disk accesses and the associated interferences. But a too high value can lead to memory exhaustion (especially if other memory hungry applications such as Safari are running), and cause RAM swapping to disk that’ll be audible as audio drop outs. As a rule of thumb it is best to leave at least 2.5GB RAM to the OS.


Thanks Guys
I might have said what I intended correctly. The integer switch was on in the software. Out of curiosity though, and since my first post, I did turn it off to see how things would sound. Then Audirvana could not see my DAC so I went ahead and turned it back on.


I mean I might NOT have said what I intended clearly. LOL