Today error in Tidal integration

I’m experiencing this problem: Tidal New Masters and Tidal Rising does not load album after 15, There is a black void album with Loading …
In all other aspects the integration with Tidal works perfectly as usual.
I’ve checked with the Tidal app for Mac the problem does not occur

Tank You for your help

Sandro Magni

Please can somebody help me with the above mentioned problem ?

Thank you all in advance

Sandro Magni

Problem occurs on various other places as well.

This is an issue on TIDAL servers on their interface with partner application.
They are aware of it, and investigating it.

The same issue was posted on the ROON forum. They could fix it rapidly.

But as for now we speaking about Tidal!!! Roon is Roon.

Has this issue been resolved ?

Not yet. Though I got confirmation from TIDAL their backend server team is working on the issue.

Bored to wait for the actual fix on TIDAL side, I’ve implemented a workaround to already display all the albums I receive from TIDAL servers when requested the list of featured/genre/rising albums.
This is in 3.0.7 you can now update to.