Toilet Bowl with The Cover!

This new Audirvana logo it looks like toilet bowl with cover (opinion of my wife and daughter)

I did quick quiz asking them which Icon on my phone they like better. One is Audirvana Remote with Old A and other is new logo in lilac background color that is a short cut for Audirvana Forum

Both of them said instantly that they like old A and they described that is very stylish and elegant.

Than I asked them what do they think that new logo looks like ?

Than one of them said that it looks like toilet bowl with the cover.

Please do quiz like that at home and ask your love ones what do they think ?

What that new logo is reminding them ?
Thank you !


I agree with your assessment of the new logo.
It does not seem to evoke or conjure up anything on its own.
It could be the logo for WTF Studio…
Some will like it very much however, so all this is to be taken lightly.

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