Toneboosters Equalizer 4 - preamp gain question

this is a naive question but I can’t get my head around it. Using this plugin to create an EQ preset, I then need to apply a “preamp gain” of around -5dB. Do I apply that to the input gain (prior to EQ) or the output gain (post EQ)?

Thanks in advance

Hi Ctrim,
I use the ToneBoosters Eq v4 as well, to eq my headphones. I asked TB support and Jeroen reply was:

“… Indeed, as long as you use simple EQ-ing, they have the same effect. They will make a difference though as soon as you enable dynamic equalization or non-linear filters. In both cases, increasing the input gain will drive the signal harder into the dynamics and/or non-linear filtering modules, respectively, and you can compensate for that using the output gains.”

I normally use out gain for oratory, autoeq and speakers to reduce level when needed.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks! That is very helpful :+1:

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