Too hard to change devices, and failure to read NAS library

Hi - I’ve been using Studio since it came out, and have three primary problems with it. (Let me know if I should break out threads, or provide bug reports other ways.)

  1. I switch between a Mac in one room, and a Windows 10 machine in another, once or twice a day. This makes the switchover process VERY annoying. I generally forget to disconnect on one, so on the other I have to a) try to log in to the app, b) get bounced to the web page, c) request disconnect of the other machine, d) go back to the app and log in again. This would be bad enough as a process, but gets worse with point 2

  2. I use a password manager, so my actual password is gibberish - all this double-logging-in (app and browser) is made more tedious because the app doesn’t support modern password managers. (I use LastPass at the moment, but may change.) I have to go fetch the password as I step through the unnecessary gates caused by the software’s paranoia about “only one device at a time”. To be clear, I support the restriction of “only play on one computer at a time” - I’m only paying for one seat, after all. But the actual process to change between machines is about 4 awkward steps longer than it should be for something I have to do several times a day.

  3. Unrelated, but serious - on my Windows 10 box, I can’t keep the app alive if I tell it where my music is stored on my NAS. It will start the synch process, but some time in the next 10 minutes, the app will just abruptly crash. The app is OK so long as I don’t point it to the NAS directory. Any ideas on how to debug further? I figured I might be out of local disk space - the machine is deliberately a fanless, low power audiophile machine, and that includes limited disk space. But I freed up about 10G and saw no change. There’s no error message to indicate that it’s a space issue - the app just quits, without saying anything.

Any help or feedback appreciated! I do want to like this app and recommend it to others, but it’s really quite hard to live with as things stand.


I completely agree with you. I’m hoping all this changes real soon. Also hoping the subscription discount lasts awhile because I’m not paying until the app works better than it does now.