“Too many activation” error

Hi guys. Could someone help with it? I have bought audirvana for windows 10 licence, and activate them on my previus OS instalation. How can I remove activation data. I can’t find this feature at my account, looks like user can’t do it.

Hello @rdashevsky, if you want to deactivate a computer you can do it by clicking on “Revoke License” in the General section of Audirvana settings.

Hi @Antoine sorry for confusing. I can’t do it, because I reinstall my OS. Now I have clean OS state and just install Audirvana app, and can’t submit my licence.

I can remove it from our database, is it a Windows or a Mac?

It would be cool if both, please.

@rdashevsky I have removed all your computers from the license database.

I can also see that you have Audirvana 3.2.
It has been replaced by Audirvana 3.5 for Mac.
You can get the new Audirvana 3.5 that brings the strongly improved user interface, and further improved sound quality.
To get your free upgrade, you need to enter your license key on https://audirvana.com/upgrade-3-5/

Thanks, Damien for helping with licence issue, it have worked right now.