Too many duplications

I’ve recently decided to use Audirvana. I have downloaded and installed the app and I think it sounds great but I’m having problems with too many duplicate albums/tracks.
I’ve now gone right through my mac and deleted any duplication of files that I can find. I’ve moved all music files into my iTunes Media/Music folder and now there is only one file of each album with no duplications within the file. I’ve told Audirvana where to look for my music and relaunched it only to find I’m still getting duplicate albums in the list.

Can somebody please tell me why?

in my experience the database is a little picky, you have to treat it gracefully … and be patient
Start from scratch if you can, delete the db and reinstall the application, then configure the watched folders and let it work until synchronization will end, this is fundamental.
And to add a new album

  • close Audirvana
  • Copy the new album in the watched folders
  • restart Audirvana and wait until synchronization will end
    If you follow this “guideline” you should not face this issue anymore

Are you saying completely delete and reinstall the application or just close it down?

This is absolutely crazy!

I’ve closed down the app. Made sure the Monitored Folder is correct. Gone to the 2nd Method of synchronisation and selected it. Left it to synchronise. Shut it down and restarted the app only to find more duplications than I started with, three in some cases.

I know for sure that all my music files are in one folder so what is going on.

It’s also dropped quite a lot of cover artworks that are there in iTunes, plus iTunes has no duplications.

This is looking to me to be a very expensive source of frustration!

Start from scratch is to say uninstall Audirvana, delete the db located in Users/your-user/Library/Application Support/Audirvana
The file type is .sqlite
Then install again Audirvana ecc…

Thanks Stefano–mbp, I will do that and come back. Much appreciate the advice.

Hi Stefano, tried that but still not good. According to the Audirvana app my Library Database File is located as follows:

/Users/myusername/Library/ApplicationSupport/Audirvana etc, etc.

In my ‘Users’ folder I do not have a ‘Library’ folder! The only ‘Library’ folder I have is within the ‘Shared’ folder and has no files in it.

Something seriously odd is happening here.

Update . . . I’ve realised that the Library folder is hidden. I now revealed it and done as you said and deleted the .sqlite file from Audirvana. I have now reinstalled and shown it where the files are and it is now synchronising. I’ll let you know how it goes . . . thanks for the help.

It now seems much better although, quite few album artworks are now missing. They were there before and are showing in Music ( iTunes ).

Any suggestions?

if you add the artwork in iTunes they are not embedded in the file but stored in a cache, then they are not available outside iTunes. You’ll have to add them again in Audirvana or using a tag editor (I use Yate)

I presume if I find and make a .jpeg file of the cover I can then insert it through the ‘show metadata’ routine?

Yes, exactly. Just click on the album and click on “change” under the artwork display space

If you google for the album and select images you’ll find plenty of artworks

Great stuff Stefano. Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it.

Another good place to search for album art in Discogs.

And wether iTunes nor Audirvana are totaly reliable for ID3 tags. Best in my opinion is Yate: well woth the price.