Too many installations popup. Help!

@Antoine I purchased Audirvana 3.5 on June 17, 2020 (invoice date). My order# was 15409677. I have it installed on one Macbook right now and it is working great. I did install it on another Mac some time ago, but sold that machine. I do remember uninstalling Audirvana from it but probably forgot to revoke the license. I just bought another Macbook today and installed Audirvana 3.5 on it. But when I enter the license key, I get the “Too Many Installs…” popup. Help please!!

Probably best to e-mail about this.

In the past messages of this nature posted here have usually received appropriate help, but things are far from normal at the moment and it appears that whoever actually sees to this kind of thing is not monitoring these forums (or not able to do so) due to other pressures (basically the botched roll-out of Audirvana Studio).

I’d suggest a patient attitude (though that may be difficult, admittedly), since there are also many reports of support e-mails not being responded to at the moment.

Good luck!

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Thank you. I contacted support, and they responded within a few hours and everything is good to go!

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