"Too many installations" problem on Mac after soft+hard upgrade


I’ve recently re-installed/updated Mac OS while upgrading one of my Mac Mini (new disk) and migrated my data, and now I got the “too many Installations for this license” message (translated from French ;)).
I figured out too late I forgot to deactivate before the update/upgrade/migration operation.
Can you re-initialize all my Macs please for my account (my current email account may be the good one).

If any further information is needed, feel free to ask, me of course.

Thanks in advance for your action


Pierre L

Bonjour @Pierre66,

J’ai supprimé vos deux Mac de notre base de données. Vous pouvez utiliser Audirvana sur votre MacMini :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup et aussi pour votre réactivité.:smiley: