Too Many Installs?

Hello @Antoine
I also have uninstalled my audirvana and I am trying to reinstall on a new system.

We have paid for your product and now we are unable to use it.

Can you please remove my two computers from your database so I can reinstall it on my new machine?
Thank you,

Presumably you forgot to revoke the Audirvana license (at the top of the settings page) before uninstalling?
No matter, it can be fixed, but you’d probably get the matter seen to more quickly by writing to .
With the mess that the release of Audirvana Studio has been, staff seem to be spending significantly less time monitoring these forums, but some users have reported success in response to e-mails.

Thanks… I did contact yesterday and they very quickly removed my previous licenses and I was able to install on my new machine.

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I did the same. No sucess so far.