Topping D10S + Audirvana + Tidal - should i upsample?

Hi guys. I just bought a Topping D10S DAC an i want to know if i should upsample the Tidal music files over Audirvana. If so, It´s recommended to upsample to “the maximum dac resolution”, “power of two” or to DSD 256 e.g.?

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44.1 to 88,2 ect… Keep the math correct. My opinion and that’s what I’m doing in Qobuz . I’m using the topping d90 MQA. In Tidal you want to select MQA as the device. If you stream Qobuz you want to go to custom filters and you can choose not up sample or to up- sample. The downside is going back from Qobuz to TIDAL you have to change it back to MQA when you’re on TIDAL and custom when you’re on Qobuz
Sorry I misunderstood the question

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Don’t bother with upsampling, especially with Tidal. You’ll get the first unfolding for the MQA content, curtesy of Audirvana.

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Sound is subjective. Listen and decide for yourself. One tip: If you are upsampling to PCM powers of two are the best (easiest) for the upsample algorithm. If you want to upsample to DSD it does not matter much what sampling frequency you choose (the higher, the more taxing on the cpu). Just choose the one which sound best in your ears and is not too taxing on your system.
But I agree with @bitracer for MQA it does not matter much (to my ears).


Thank you! Do you have any sugestion about the x2 parameters (bandwith, lenght, anti-aliasing, phase?)

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… that is why you should not upsample :grinning:
like me, you don’t know how to setup those sliders… for me, letting my dac play bitperfect without any bugs in Audirvana, is the way to go :grinning:. But it is free to try…


I leave everything on what the software comes as downloaded I don’t mess with settings etc. The only thing I do is change the custom filters for up sampling for Qobuz. Everything else is set as per Damien software when downloaded originally. I’m sure there’s people on here that are more qualified to tell you about that. To me that’s the beauty of Audirvana it sounds fabulous the way it comes I trust Damien and his team to make the correct settings for me just my opinion. I just want the remote to work

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As @bitracer already mentioned if you stream via Tidal you most likely wont benefit from upsampling at all. You would benefit from hardware decoding / rendering if your DAC does support that.

Upsampling pure PCM streams like Qobuz can give you a benefit in sound quality. But these depend primarely on your personal listening preferences. If your DAC has different filter options to select from those would be mostl likely a better option…

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It’s up to your ears and your room.

With Tidal -> RME I found that 4x upsampling improves 44.1 streams, but not hires audio. By improve, I mean, there’s a bit more air in the upper range. Maybe this is less accurate but it sounds nice…

DSD upsampling rolls off the bass for me.

For sure play with the sliders - they make a big difference and expect an hour or two of experimenting to get things dialed in.

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