Topping D50s doesn't recognised as DSD512 supported device

I have bought Topping D50s about a month.
Audirvana hasn’t recognize DSD512 as supported format.

PC - MacBook Pro
MacOS 10.15.5
Installed Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.38 (3568)

Last time I have SysOptimizer request to install.

No additional software or drivers are installed.

Could someone help me with this?


This occurs on Mac as macOS cannot do native dsd, only DoP (dsd over pcm) therefore, according to D50s specs, you can reach DoP256 only.
Native DSD512 can be obtained on Windows and Linux

Are you sure - can you link me to DSD unsupported under MacOS?

Ok - so what I see by link:
On macOS and with Wasapi, native DSD playback can still be achieved to a compatible DSD DAC by selecting “DSD over PCM” protocol in the Audirvana audio settings, which passes a native DSD signal in what the OS believes to be PCM. Keep in mind however that it halves the DAC’s maximum usable sampling frequency.
So if I have understand correct NativeDSD in Audirvana supported in case DSD DAC found.
And not really DoP used to transfer native DSD to DAC, just for OS believe DoP - transferred real native DSD.

So - support of DSD any type should also be recognised from DAC not DoP format but native.

It looks like an issue, not a feature.

Not a issue nor a feature, a fact, that’s it.
Every player on macOS plays DOP, not native DSD

No kidding at all … here al link to the JRiver support forum about this issue
… and if you still don’t believe it use Google yourself

This is possible only up to DSD256, beyond that you’ll need “NativeDSD” driver.

Question is do you really have content in DSD512, or you just want to upsample?

I’m not asked about JRiver - so you have understand the question.

My question was about a link to limitation in audirvana, just for confirmation.

You are almost right with question but now we have 2 formats PCM and DSD as complete support of digital music from analog sources like Jazz and Blues from 50-70-s.

I have several sources created in DSD128 and DSD256 formats.
In case I will found DSD512 - I want to know how play it or just get PCM high res music.

My dear, I told you that the problem is a macOS constrain, not Audirvana, if you want to play native DSD (and DSD512) you must go with a Windows pc or Linux, that’s all. Bye

Usually the manufacturers don’t supply “NativeDSD” drivers for MacOS because there is DoP (DSD over PCM or DoP for short). DoP is pure (bit-perfect) DSD, just wrapped in PCM package with a special header so that the DAC can recognise it as such.

If you want to play DSD512 on your DAC you’ll need a Windows machine with appropriate drivers for that.

… maybe too sensitive and arrogant? Best regards … “sir”

If your dac as a driver for macos dsd512 it will play dsd512 in audirvana… but mostly like your dac doesn’t have one, so, If you play a dsd512 file on mac, audirvana will play it at pcm704 with dop 1.1 enabled. If i’m not wrong. And yes mac can’t play dsd512 by default.

I understand your point - thanks.

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