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I think I have selected the correct category.

I just got the Topping E30 DAC.
Please can someone assist me with the best possible playback, either PCM or DSD.
Upsampling, ReplayGain, you name it. I am not an expert in these things however I would like to enjoy the best possible playback.

I am on using windows 10, connection is USB and using TIDAL masters.

Thank you

With the default settings you should be ok. No need to change anything special. With Tidal I wouldn’t recommend upsampling.

Possibly make pre-load cache smaller, especially if you’re using the computer for other things. Make sure the “hog” mode is on.

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Ok Thank you

Because I have changed a few things, let me share my settings so long.

  • Local device as WASAPI, this this preferred over ASIO
  • DSD over PSM 1.1
  • Max Memory is 60mn at 44.1khz and 03mn at 768khz
  • Use large WASAPI I/O buffer is turned on
  • Max sample rate is set at no limit
  • Additional latency is set at none.
  • Bitdepth maxmimum to 24 is turned on
  • Invert globally is turned off
  • Invert for tacks with invertpolarity is turned on
  • Upsampling is deactivated.
    I read on the forum that 2x,4x is a good setting.
  • Volume leveling is set at No Leveling
  • Software volume control is turned off

I am not sure what you mean by 'hog" mode

Hog mode? Yes, I’m also curious to that? What is it?

Found it, read about the hog mode here:

Sorry, it’s called “Exclusive access” in Audirvana.

Hmm, I don’t have that option? Something I am missing?

Maybe it’s MacOS only feature.

Yes, maybe? Hope some Wndows/MacOS users will reply to confirm.

It’s a MacOS only option as it it is natively integrated in Windows 10 :wink:

Ahh, thank you! :innocent:

Thank you for the feedback and follow up.
However to confirm, my settings with no upsampling and no replay gain will be the best for Tidal Masters? As well as the other settings listed.

Thank you

Your settings are good, you need to make sure that you have the correct setting for MQA. Since Audirvana 3.5 integrates the MQA Core Decoder that performs the first unfolding (up to 88.2 or 96kHz) to benefit from the high resolution of the MQA audio files even without an MQA audio device. By MQA decision, the second unfolding (to 176.4 or 192kHz) can be performed only in a MQA renderer/decoder DAC.

Non MQA capable audio devices can benefit from the high resolution (doubled sample rate compared to the encoded file one) thanks to the MQA decoder integrated in Audirvana 3.
In this case, Audirvana brings, in addition to the general Sound Quality improvement, the decoding of the MQA file that would be played only at little above CD quality otherwise, losing all its high resolution benefits. Note that decoding the signal beyond twice the sampling rate of the encoded file (for the few rare recordings actually made above 96kHz) can only be done in a DAC MQA.

You then need to leave “Not MQA decoder” for your DAC in the Audio Settings, so that Audirvana performs the MQA decoding.

If you have a DAC that is “MQA decoder” then, you can select MQA decoder. That means that no audio processing done in Audirvana, as the DAC is doing all of the MQA decoding.
If you have a DAC that is “MQA renderer” then, you can select MQA renderer. That means MQA first unfolding done in Audirvana, and no other audio processing as the DAC is doing the other unfolding

The Blue color means that the file is “Studio authenticated”.
The Green color is for other MQA audio file.

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