Torn folders to order properly

Hello friends.

I am new here and have some minor problems with Audirvana.
In my Audirvana library I have a folder with singles. These are individual songs put together. However, Audirvana cuts me up or divides them in the same folder. It’s a pity I can’t post a picture, because that would be self-explanatory.
Likewise, folders appear with a single title, but many complete CDs are placed in them.
Example :
Wishful Thinking : Hiroshima.
Contents :
Adele, all CDs. Charly Parker all CDs.

How can I put this in Folder ?
This chaos is terrible !
And when I sort out the mess, everything is the same again after a restart. Chaos !

Thanks and by,


Hello @MacLefty,

I’ve changed your settings in the forum, can you try to put those screenshots in the forum?

Singles - Best Off

Sorry Damien.
I have been working on the ID3 tags of my music folders for 4 days.
I have already put a lot of things back in order.
The stupid thing is that when I close Audirvana, the programme destroys everything again.
The only thing left to do is never to close it.


Does the files of those tracks are saperated in different folders?

Exactly not. They should all be in the “Singles” folder.

If those tracks do not have the metadata Album filed in it, Audirvana will group them in the same album.

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