Touch control in album view

I’m using the current version of Audirvana on a Windows 10 Microsoft Surface Go. This device is touch-enabled and has a high-resolution screen. When sitting on the sofa I use the computer like a tablet, that is to say without a keyboard but just with my fingers on the screen.

What I like very much:
Personally I like the look and design of Audirvana very much!

Some obstacles of the user interface:
Unfortunately, Audirvana has problems to adapt to small high-resolution screens like mine. Important fields and texts are truncated sometimes to just a tenth of a fraction of what they were supposed to be.

Big obstacle of the user interface:
The album view is the most important view to me. Exactly this view can’t be used with touch control! This is very strange because normally all programs work fine with touch just automatically in Windows 10. But the album view in Audirvana doesn’t. So I would need to use the very tiny scroll bar at the right side of the album view; this is nearly impossible with a finger and must be fixed!

Bonjour @Antoine
Je me réjouirais si vous pouviez dire quelque chose, merci !

  • Problems to adapt to small high-resolution screens: essayez-le, s.v.p.

  • The album view (library view) can’t be used with touch control! That’s somehow unbelievable and makes Audirvana hard to use without mouse/keyboard! Essayez-le, s.v.p.

Bonnes salutations, Martin

Bonjour @Martin_from_Zurich,

Nous prenons en compte vos remarques quand à l’utilisation d’Audirvana avec une interface entièrement tactile. Une mise à jour future d’Audirvana corrigera ce problème.