Touchscreen troubles: Can't scroll up or down on Windows 10

Hi, I am a ‘potential’ new user. The reason I added potential to it is because I was all set to purchase a license after trying Audirvana on my old desktop. But when I installed it on my final setup, that has a touchscreen monitor, I am seeing a potential blocking issue.

The issue i am having is not being able to scroll through albums, on the homepage. It doesn’t respond to touch at all (no up or down swipes). I can touch (click) on the album to open and then play the tracks (and openjng most other settings with touch seems to work too). But on albums page, I cannot scroll through my collection with up or down swipe. This is limiting my interaction/ browsing with Audirvana severely. Any idea if its just me or a bug in Audirvana?

My setup:
Latest Windows 10 Home v 2004
Touch screen monitor via USB C
Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600

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If you use the scroll bar with your finger, are you able to scroll through your album library?

Yes, I am but the scroll bar is so tiny, I can’t ‘grab’ it most of the time. Have to try like 5 times for it to finally work.

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Okay, I understand your point about that, we will take a look at it for a future version of Audirvana.

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