Track cuts off before the actual end of the track

New user here . When I am playing my playlists or albums from Qobuz , a track won’t finish playing until the end . It stops, cuts off about 5 to probably 10 seconds before the actual end of the track and it’s so annoying. What is going on here. Streamer is Cambridge cxn v2 , Audirvana installed on a MacBook pro with 8 gb of RAM, on my streamers own software, there’s no cut off at all, so I know this only happens with Audirvan. I appreciate the help. Thanks

Hello @boac,

How are you connect to your DAC? Are you wired connected or are you using wi-fi?

Wifi . I tried roon and this has not been a problem. And my problem is not that it’s cutting off randomly ie a buffering issue. Each track does not finish playing… it doesn’t fade it just cuts maybe 20 to 30 seconds before the end and plays the next track . Annoying

I know that Cambridge Audio is working on their implementation of UPnP as they had reports of issue with UPnP. Can you contact them to let them know about it so they can fix it?

Cambridge have always had upnp support. So is there any other solution that you can think of . Audirvana right now is basically unusable in my set up.

If you have an RPi, you can use that as a bridge.

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