Track from SSD not to be found in the library

Hello, fellows!

I have a unique problem with track one from the LAWO Album Scriabin, Symph. 3&4 with Oslo PO under Petrenko. This track is introuvable for Audirvana, invisible and therefore not existent.
I tried to copy or download it anew, in a new folder, but now the whole folder didn´t exist, even if it was taken as the only one in the whole library.
Album was a download from Native DSD, dsd 128, with no problems on e.g. my A&K Norma. Adirvana never omitted any track from my data collection, so i have no idea what the reason is. Can anyone help me?

My own CD rip 16/44 or the former Download highres 24/48 work correctly on the Audirvana system.

Kind regards, Thorsten

Almost certainly it’s related to some “weird” character in the metadata. Check carefully all fields. Also check the filename for such characters.

I think so. Tagging resp. de-tagging via the audirvana track informations was a great help for me, when i had to find out why a cpl. Beethoven piano sonatas album showed a total disorder after its download. Manual edition of the about 102 tracks was necessary and took some time, though.
In the case mentioned above i couldn´t see the irregularity. Is there a tag editor recommended?

Thanks a lot, Thorsten

Hello @farinelli,

You can try MusicBrainz Picard, it’s a free tag editor:

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