Track list - wrong item plays when selected

I’m enjoying Audirvana in my trial mode and trying to put it through its paces before I purchase.
When using my iPAD (latest iOS 13.3), when I filter the track view to pick only sample rates above 44.1, it lists all of those tracks. But yet when I pick the track to play, it plays the 2nd item on the list above it. So, if there are 3 items shown, I select the last item and it plays the 1st.
This happens consistently as I move down the list of tracks to play. I haven’t tried this with other list views yet.

Hello @Idrachman, can you make a video of your issue and send to us to

Hello @Damien3, i’ve responded was requested. Did you receive, given its a large 20mb attachment?

I received it and it’s not that big, only 4,3 Mb :slight_smile: