Track list - wrong item plays when selected

I’m enjoying Audirvana in my trial mode and trying to put it through its paces before I purchase.
When using my iPAD (latest iOS 13.3), when I filter the track view to pick only sample rates above 44.1, it lists all of those tracks. But yet when I pick the track to play, it plays the 2nd item on the list above it. So, if there are 3 items shown, I select the last item and it plays the 1st.
This happens consistently as I move down the list of tracks to play. I haven’t tried this with other list views yet.

Hello @Idrachman, can you make a video of your issue and send to us to

Hello @Antoine, i’ve responded was requested. Did you receive, given its a large 20mb attachment?

I received it and it’s not that big, only 4,3 Mb :slight_smile:

Was this fixed in latest update? I haven’t tried yet.

Just checked. Not resolved. @Antoine any update?

Any .cue files in those cd folders?

none, did a search on the entire directory where my music files are held. What is a .cue file?

When you rip a CD, you can made a .cue file and a log one added to the folder ripped. Cue file is a… hum, an index of the tracks separated as on the cd, but in one big file.

Sometimes tracks are already splited in individual track, and contains also that .cue file in the folder… Audirvana has trouble or messed things up sometimes :grinning:

Thanks for the explanation. Never saw a .cue file. I use dbpoweramp cd ripper software that creates FLAC files, no compression.

Hello @Idrachman, sorry for the late response. What kind of DAC are you using? Are you using a wireless connection to your DAC?

Hi I’m using a Bryston BDA3 and hooked via usb. Why would this make a difference in what’s being shown via filter vs played when selected?

Hi @Antoine, please let me know if you’ve addressed or if I need to provide you with more information.

PS Hope you’re staying healthy and safe.

Just checked again @Antoine. It seems this problem only manifests on the remote app iOS version. When a filter for Sample rate is used, the filtered list shown on the remote iOS app is accurate, but when I select a song, it plays a different song that was filtered out - not showing on the list.
On the application on Windows, this works correctly, what is shown in the filtered list, selected is then played. Please let me know what else is needed to help you diagnose and resolve.

Which version of the iOs Remote are you using?

on iphone its version 2.3…

We could reproduce the issue on our side and we will fix it in a future update of the Remote app.

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Hello @Damien3 , I noticed this issue still occurs. What is the ETA for a fix?

@Antoine - are you going to fix the remote app for AUdirvana 3.5.x?

Hello @Idrachman,

Honestly I thought the issue was solved for both version of the Remote but it’s not the case. We will fix it in the next update of the remote. We do not have an ETA for it at the moment.