Track listing screwy

For some albums there appears to be more than one disc?
In the first image the tracks are in order and so play in order.
But in the second image they are not. I suppose this would be OK as in most albums order is not absolutely necessary but in classical and many other situations (e.g. concept albums) order is everything, or nothing. Making a playlist for the album is no good as the tracks can not be reordered except by painstaking cut/copy/paste.

Any fix? Any ideas?

Select the songs with the Disc that as a number, put info panel and remove disc number and save.
if there is many disc, select those with no disc number and add it… then save.

I hadn’t thought to check that as the files are tagged with all disc number tags removed. Obviously not all tags. Will delve further into such.


I’m afraid this may be deal breaker (currently on a trial of Studio). I have almost 7,000 albums. I have derived them from CDs.
For example, a 6 CD set of 4 symphonies. When ripping the CDs I have created 4 albums, one for each symphony. (Other examples are much more complicated!) In this example some symphonies had tracks from more than 1 CD so the situation I originally showed is extremely common to those 7K albums. I can/will not edit all of them.
If I only used Audirvana sitting at the computer that’d be manageable. But almost all of my use is from the mobile remote apps and they do not let me edit. Hence, deal breaker.
Or is there some setting/method to ignore disc numbers?

try this layout if it works better for you… or if your songs for a CD are in order there

On the beta of the remote there is an option for folder tree, but i can’t figure it out yet :grinning:

I see that but like you have no clue for the phone version. Works great on my iPad, just like desktop version.
I’m glad you mentioned that because using it, and making disc number appear in the column view makes editing much quicker.
Still, I may need another lifetime to do it.

Hotdamn! In the desktop application, in folder view, I can simply select all the tracks, go to edit and put a number in each of the fields for number/of and click Save. Going to take forever for that to populate then I should be able to go back to those fields and delete what’s in those fields and do another Save.
I tried this procedure with about 100 tracks, some with nothing in those fields the rest with all sorts of numbers. I could not hit ‘delete’ for each and have it work. I had to enter something. And it worked great.
So, now the computer is churning away processing 63,000+ tracks. I assume it’ll be fine!
I also assume that this could have been done in the Local/Tracks view. :shrug:

Had cause to redo my local files sync. So, again, for the majority of tracks there was screwy Disc fields. This time i proceeded a bit differently. I didn’t select all of them so that the computer didn’t get bogged down.

  1. Used Tracks view.
  2. Sorted by Disc#.
  3. Starting with the tracks who showed Disc# of “1” I selected huge numbers of them.
  4. Clicked “Edit Metadata” to get the dialog box for doing so. Highlighted the “1” in Disc# field and deleted it. Does not matter if the field for “out of” has an entry for any particular track.
  5. Continued on with tracks that had “2” for Disc#.

63,000+ didn’t take but an hour or so.

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