Track numbers not in tracks metadata

I’m using the Mac version, and when Audirvana synced a file tonight from the Music directory, the track numbers disappeared and the music is in random order! Short of manually adding the track numbers (there are 20 tracks…), is there a quick fix? Any way to prevent it from happening again?

Hello @Guitar1,

Have you made any change in the metadata of those tracks?

No. After I copied the album from my external drive to my Mac, I added it to a playlist and that’s when I noticed the lack of track numbers. They show up in the Mac’s music directory, so something happened when Audirvana added the recording to its library.

Can you send a screenshot of this playlist?

There are 20 tracks on this recording–I just did a partial screen capture.

This is what it looks like on my hard drive:

And this is what it looks like on Audirvana

(Those Roman numerals make it look as if the tracks are in the right order, but they are not!)

Are there only tracknumbers in your file names (as how it looks on your harddrive), but not in the metadata in the files?
Audirvana looks in the files metadata if the tracknumber tags are filled. If you use a metatag editor (or Audirvana itself) to look into the files make sure that the track numbers in the files are filled.

As far as I know Audirvana does not remove tracknumber metadata from music files during synchronization.

Do you mean the metadata window on the right side of the screen in Audirvana? If so, no, the track numbers were not there. They are now after I manually added them. I don’t think this track problem has occurred in the past. What would cause them not to show up in the metadata? A somehow faulty file?

Yes, I mean the metadata window.
Maybe the numbers never where in the files to begin with?
Audirvana normally does not remove those numbers when syncing.

No, they were never there. I contacted the site from where I purchased it–still waiting for a reply.

Metadata in files often is incomplete. Before I add music files to my local library I always check/edit them first with a metatag editor (I am on Windows and use Musibrainz Picard for that).

It is not ‘faulty’ when metadata is missing (metadata is not obligatory). Some companies put it in the files and some don’t.


Can you add them their track number to see if they are in the right order after doing this?

I had to look up the track timings to match the track number, but yes, they are now in order, but it would be too time consuming to hand enter all of the meta data.

All music player programs (Roon, Audirvana, JRiver, Foobar etc.) depend on basic metadata to function properly. Some of them can also look things up on the internet but not everything.

Basic metadata =

  • Track numbers
  • Track title
  • Album title

Of course there is other data like Artists, Genre, Composer etc. etc. but without the basic and correct metadata all the bets are off in all music player programs. You will likely have strange behaviour (wrong sorting, wrong grouping of albums etc.) in all of them.

I understand you think it is time consuming to enter all the metadata manually, but as I already mentioned, there are metadata editors (programs) who can do it automatically by searching for the albums on the internet and filling metadata for you. But in the end, you always have to do some manual work yourself. Or you can live with it of course, your choice :grin:


Is only one album affected, containing 20 tracks?
If so adding track numbers should really take no more than a minute or two.
I personally use dBpoweramp if that’s any use, although as has been mentioned there are a few others available.

Oh, that sounds a lot easier! Thanks, I’ll look into getting MP3Tag or something similar. I was wondering how it “knew” what information to fill in!


Yes, Ironz, in my collection of 100s of files, it’s the only one the tagging problem.

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Yes MP3Tag can do that for you. And basically you only have to do it for albums or tracks with problems.


That’s good. It really won’t take too long to add the required track number metadata.
Good luck :+1:

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