Track playback sometimes stops prematurely

Sometimes, I would say 3 out of 10 times, Audirvana will end a track before it is finished, and proceed to the next one. I chops anywhere from seconds to several minutes off the track. I have not been able to find any rhyme or reason to that (track length, file format, source) and cannot reliably reproduce it inside the same album. I think it might be happening more often to the last track of an album.

I thought it could be related to playback buffer size, but neither small nor large amounts of memory allocated to buffering make any difference.

I’m using a mix of ALAC, FLAC, and DSF files from a local iTunes directory and from a NAS. This had been happening when I used DLNA playback to a Yamaha WXC-50 and is still happening with a USB DAC (Topping D50s).

Has anyone else seen this?

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