Track Playing Display View

After a brief romance with Roon, I think Audirnava sounds better! I am hoping, however, there are “hidden” display views the forum can share with me. When I listen to my music - either alone, with friends or serve up the playlist for the party, I mirror the the A+ remote on my iPad to a big 'ole video monitor. I want to be able to mirror the A+ Track Playing Display without the Queue list!! You can do this with many - if not most - players, from iTunes to Roon. I’m hoping someone can tell me how to do this with A+.

Thanks for the help.

Good decision :slight_smile:

On the iPad with A+ Remote, to see only the playing track with the album cover view, just turn the iPad vertically.

Thanks for the easy fix. My iPad was locked and for some reason would not enable me to slide the queue out of the way. All is well and I can use in both vertical horizontal positions. MUCH better.

One other item you may beanie to help with. When I play Tidal tracks the files often a little more time to buffer. Is there a way to delay start of track?

Thanks again!

Well, after feeling so much better because I was able to see the Now Playing Track without the Play Queue on my iPad in both horizontal and vertical positions, I’ve lost it for the horizontal. What gives?? It was working exactly the same way for both but after setting the iPad down for a few minutes it wouldn’t do it. I’ve shut stuff Dow, restarted but can’t get it to work again! Anyone know the secret? Really appreciate it. Thank you