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Maybe I’m wrong, but in my memory it is possible to select several tracks in one playlist and change the rating for all of these tracks instead of changing it track by track. I didn’t find the way to do that recently, and changing the rating for 120 tracks one by one is - if not impossible - very inconvenient.

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Hello @Voiceinabox , you can do that by selecting all of the tracks you want and then in the metadata editor, you can change the rating and it will save it for all of the selected tracks.

Thanks ( ou Merci ) Antoine. Changing the rating from 1 star to 2, 3, 4. 5 stars works. But going to zero star, for some reason doesn’t. I "supposed the “swipe left” would do it, but it doesn’t… I used Yate, my tagging software to do it, it was done in a second and reflected into Audirvana correctly. But can I do that directly in Audirvana and how?

If you click once and then a second one and hold it, are you able to swipe left to remove the rating?

I tried so many tyimes. Changing from one Star to two three four or five works. Trying to change to Zero Star… doesn’t. Can you tell me if there is a solution? It’s quite pesky, in my DJ workflow.

Are you using the Windows or MacOS version of Audirvāna Studio?

I’m on MacOS Montery last version

If you try to do this it doesn’t work?
Mar-03-2022 13-52-56

Yes. That works, for one file at a time.
Changing the rating in a Smartplaylist via the “edit Metadatas” for the all playlist works as well. I can go from 5 to 3 or from 1 to 5
But going to zero does not work - for me. And when I have a Smart Plyaylist with a lot of files editing by one is not realistic. I used Yate via a m3u exported from my Playlist and it did the job in seconds. It would be nicer to do that directly in Audrivana though.
If you have a clue, I will be grateful.

And please integrate track rating into Audirvana Remote.

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