Track stops after 50 seconds while streaming

Thanks for the suggestion! I tried it and found that when playing the track from an USB stick directly connected to the Atom there are no issues. I just plays perfectly fine.

I have just tried to stream the track with Asset UPnP server (dBpoweramp) to the Atom and that works just fine. Could there be some incompatibility between AS’s UPnP protocol and the Atom’s?

When you are doing your test, are you doing this with WAV files?

The track is in m4a format

While you are using Audirvāna over UPNP, the audio streaming is sent in WAV so the audio file contained in the WAV audio flow is not modified. Have you tried to play a WAV file to your Atom with Asset UPnP?

Ah, okay, I see. Not yet. I will convert the m4a file to WAV and then stream it with Asset UPnP

The strange thing is that the file plays well in FLAC. Earlier in this thread.

If everything decodes to PCM/wav the source file shouldn’t matter.

The WAV converted track streams just fine to the Atom using Asset UPnP

Seems like you are getting some help with your issue. I have been having a similar issues with ALAC tracks truncating before the end of the file. In my case only when streaming to KEF speakers over UPnP. Works with a USB DAC and headphones or when streaming to the speakers using Apple Airplay protocol. I like you had no signal processing turned on. Not all of the tracks did this, only 10-20% the rest played fine. I stumbled on a solution today which was to turn on upsampling using R8Brain and set it to device maximum frequency. After doing so all of my ALAC files play to the end with no truncation. Maybe worth a try if you want to avoid converting all the files to FLAC.

Thanks @Djm1960! This indeed solves the problem on my end as well. The m4a track now streams well and without any truncation on the Naim Atom.
I’m still interested in understanding why this solves the issue. Why is it apparently needed for some tracks and not for other ALAC tracks?

I am sure the engineers at Audirvana will work it out and fix it in a future update and hopefully we will get the answer then. Till then we have a workaround. Glad it worked for you also!

Indeed! Thanks again, this saves me a lot of conversion work!

Just tested out of curiosity; the m4a track streams fine to the Atom using Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.50 (3580)

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Have you enabled upsampling in 3.5 to make it works?

No, it just works without the need for upsampling

One observation I have made is that truncation of ALAC files in AS seems to occur only in lower bit depth/ sample frequency files when streaming over UPnP. I cannot recall any track encoded at 24/96 or 24/192 truncating. The overwhelming majority of my files which truncate are 16/44.1 and very rarely 24/44.1 This is what led me to try upsampling to solve the truncation issue in my case.

For clarity I should add that typically only one or 2 tracks on a 16/44.1 album truncate as such I would say it is about 10% maximum of the lower resolution files.

Unfortunately this issue is still not fixed in AS 1.9.0.
Is there a solution in sight? The track streams without any issues in Audirvana 3.5.50…

Seeing this too on 1.9.0.

Have no idea if it’s Audirvana or a file issue but others Apps play ok without cutting tracks short.

Yes, I bit the bullet and used Pro Audio Converter to convert all my ALAC files to FLAC. After this all tracks play to the end of the file with no issue. Took about 20 minutes for 5600 tracks, Pro Audio Converter made the process painless by preserving the file file/folder structure.

Do you have this issue while you try to play it using your computer speakers?