Tracks are still greyed out in synchronized Library

Hey there,

All of the tracks in my library are greyed out during and after synchronization, as if they were unavailable for some reason. I know other people have experienced the same problem. I have deleted the SQLite file and reimported all of the files stored on my NAS (which has been mapped in Windows 10) to no avail. The files play though… However, files stored on the desktop of my PC have their title in black and are therefore considered as available. Is it a network/distant drive issue (mine uses both a letter and a network path)? My NAS has a static IP address. @Antoine could you please look into this?

In addition, is there a specific order to power on the devices of the audio chain. I follow this sequence:

NAS > PC (with Audirvana) > Streamer > DAC > Amplifier

But I often need to reboot the PC because Audirvana freezes when I try to play something. What is the reason why the app will not start properly ??

Thanks !

It seems Audirvana considers the local path of the mapped drive as a remote path such as a distant URL. Just me two cents…

What kind of NAS are you using, which type of mapping did you used?

I use a Synology NAS. Everything used to work perfectly well until an update of Audirvana a few months ago when all tracks of my library were duplicated, one displayed in grey and one displayed in black. At that time I noticed the path of the mapped drive was no longer displayed as W: but as \\ I had to remove all my music from the library, check the db integrity and rescan everything to remove duplicate entries. I now have a single entry of each track and album but displayed in grey. I still can access the files and play them. The remote path seems to be causing this issue (which I’ve seen other people experienced as well). Merci d’avance pour votre aide.

Since this update, did you removed your Audirvana database to create a new one?

I deleted the dB file last night and then reimported/rescanned everything: the content of my NAS still appears in grey, but the content of a test folder on my desktop appears in black. That’s why I was wondering if the content on a remote drive with à URL-like path was maybe considered as streamed content?

Hello @Kikigarel,

Did you have an update of your Synology firmware? Looks like Windows lost the mounting made with your NAS.

Yes, I remember of a couple of updates a while ago. And then I got a new ISP box (Freebox) so the router was a new one as well but the NAS was assigned a static IP address. What shall I do to restore things properly in Audirvana?

Have you already remapped your NAS in your computer? If it’s the case, remove the synced folder in Audirvana and add the one from the newly mapped NAS.

Hi @Damien3 ,

I’ve been trying to fix this for hours now… I have remapped the NAS, removed the synced folder, deleted the db file and added the synced folder again. It’s still all grey!

A few screenshots:


I remember the problem was already there before I got the new box/router and at one point I even had duplicate entries for each song: one black and one grey. I actually think it happened after an Audirvana update, not a NAS update.

Hello @Kikigarel,

Is this a USB drive connected to your ISP box? The fact that you don’t have the name of the drive in Windows 10 means Audirvana can’t actually detect it as the drive you used with your previous box.

Hi @Antoine,

No, it’s a Synology Diskstation DS216, connected to the ISP box by an ethernet cable.

Have you checked if the Synology still have a name on the Network section of the Synology control Panel?

@Antoine, yes the NAS has a name in the Control Panel | Network section and I have mapped the NAS as a network drive the same way I had before in my PC. I can access the drive and all the folders/files it contains from my PC.

Check if you have full RW rights on that folder.

I do.

Synching a folder from a USB drive works perfectly. But it just doesn’t work anymore with a mapped network drive (using the UNC path instead of the selected drive letter). That’s so weird…!

OK, I think I’ve found the solution and I’ll share it here to help other people in the same situation.

To map the music shared folder of a Synology NAS, do not use the fixed IP network/UNC path such as \\\music but use the \\DiskStation\music path instead. Otherwise the mapped shared folder will not be considered as a network drive by Audirvana.


Thank you for sharing this :slight_smile:

However, this is not the way I had proceeded before to map the NAS folders so there must have been an update somewhere that changed the behavior of shared folders. Maybe it is specific to Windows 10?