Tracks from album separated

I synced my library which is in the Macbook Pro and some recordings were splitted. For example, one recording has each of its three tracks under three different copies of the same recording and album art. How do I merge them under one copy only?

a work around is to throw the album in the trash in finder and after the delete synching has stopped, with Control-z reinstall the file in finder again. Most of the times this will work and you have your complete album. Very annoying I know, but even after years, Audirvana seems not be able to correct this behavior. This trick also works if the album pdf booklet does not show up.

Alternatively, since you are on a Mac, download Yate and drag those files over to it to see what information is there for this album/tracks. There might be something slightly different. If not, I have further found that by making a change - delete the number of tracks or something in the metadata in Yate; save it; correct it and save it again. This has correct some of my issues like this in the past.

Tried everything but it does not work. There are two albums split in parts, another one is duplicated, and a third one trplicated. I have my albums in a Macbook Pro to listen in my bedroom with headphones and an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt. An additional exact separate copy of these albums reside in my music server which is in the main audio listening room and operates with ROON and I do not have these problems. If there are more suggestions I am willing to try a different way.

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