Tracks from same album not showing together

Have all my music on a NAS and linked the folder to Audirvana. I haven’t used Audirvana in a couple of years and have moved back to it now, but something is different and tracks from the same album can only be played together if I create a playlist, why can’t I play them straight from the Library?

In “Library View” albums appear multiple times with only a few songs from the album in each version of the album

If I create a Playlist with the rule that ALBUM= then they all appear together.

Different artists tags, cover different or maybe compilations with different composer… you can tag all songs in that playlist with same artist name and same title with same cover… the error is there :grinning:

Some albums have different artists on different tracks. I can’t believe that Audirvana doesn’t support that. if I want to sort by Album I don’t want to sort by the other tags.