Tracks not played back seamlessly

I use Audirvana Plus 3.0.7 (3011) on a Mac with MacOs Sierra 10.12.5 running. A minute ago I listened to an opera that I had ripped from CD (La gazza ladra) with iTunes and stored in MP3-files with 192 bit/s and 16/44,1 kHz. The tracks of each CD in this album MUST be played back seamlessly - which iTunes performs flawlessly. However, Audirvana takes a short but audible break between all consecutive tracks. Is this a known issue? Can I prevent Audirvana from executing this annoying behavior?

Thanks in advance

After having listened to some more operas it appears to me that the above mentioned issue seems to be unique to the “la gazza”-recording; therefore I don’t think that Audirvana is to blame. Anyway, I have no idea why iTunes plays those tracks flawlessly - but Audirvana doesn’t :unamused:
Every possible hint ist highly appreciated.


UPDATE: Meanwhile I found even more albums that showed the anomaly described in the OP. This issue didn’t ever occur before, therefore I had to consider that it might be related to the ReplayGain computation I had performed at the end of June 2017. So on a trial basis I deleted one of the effected albums and restored its earlier version from early June from my TimeCapsule backup. And Bingo: Now Audirvana played back all of the tracks seamlessly. By the way, the ReplayGain information was still present, which I appreciate very much.

I have to point out that the issue didn’t affect all of my opera recordings, but of course, listening to operas with a short pause between consecutive tracks is absolutely inacceptable. So I finally decided to delete my whole iTunes Media Folder and to restore the early June version, before the possible damage was done. This took several hours, but now I can be sure that all of my albums will be played back as intended - without any annoying gaps between consecutive tracks where they are not desired.

I suppose that I’m not the only user affected by this anomaly and hope that my hints are helpful.