Tracks skip/change at random during playback. Lina DAC

I am using the following to stream:
Lina DAC
Audirvana app on MBP M3 apple silicon

Tracks randomly with during playback of local or streaming files?

Please paste your Debug information here, so folks can help you the best possibleā€¦ it is found here: Settingsā€“> My Accountā€“> Helpā€“> Debug information

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The link:

dCS is biased to Mosaic in the UPnP protocol implementationā€¦ Meaning they want folks to use Mosaic which is a proprietary transmission/communication protocol which may not implement UPnP in a standardized way.

The link to all dCS discussions/threads:

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Audirvana says they worked with DCS and used the Lina DAC in all their testing?

Further to @Agoldnear 's mention of Mosaic, hereā€™s dCS saying they arenā€™t going to help with support of UPnP implementation of Mosaic for anything thatā€™s not MinimServer:

It seems a little stubborn to first introduce proprietary control software, then refuse to support a recognized industry standard if thereā€™s any conflict. But thatā€™s apparently whatā€™s going on.

A possible alternative is to purchase a relatively inexpensive streamer (or if you have a bit of Linux knowledge, a mini-PC you can make into a streamer), then simply connect to the Lina via USB. Understandable of course if you didnā€™t prefer to do this.

Audirvana would have made sure the Lina worked in their environment, but itā€™s impossible to ensure it will work in all possible variations of networks and equipment. :slightly_frowning_face: Sorry you are having difficulty.

Itā€™s a bit frustrating at times. You spend a small fortune acquiring TOTL components and then the least expensive link in the chain limits the quality of the music playback. Also there is so much misinformation unintentional of course but it creates rabbit holes to chase down.

I have experienced sound quality issues with Roon and with the Harman acquisition I am just not comfortable is thatā€™s why I am trying to secure a better quality streaming experience to match the focus and $$$ I put into the Hobby. I was hoping Audirvana might be it??

Two days and counting just to try and track down the issue of why all my music data from my file did not show up yet? And of course not to mention the tracks jumping all over the place and some that do play cut off the opening seconds of some tracks making using this so far uselessā€¦Iā€™ll give it a shot another day to two and wait to receive any response I get back from support . Then I guess Roon will win out again for nowā€¦

Letā€™s see Cheap, unsatisfying Apple Music and devicesā€¦at LOW cost that work 100% of the time or Tens of thousands of dollars on equipment that can reproduce artists breathing in the studio but often the service you subscribe to doesnā€™t play it back well or maybe not at all and countless hours trying to figure it out. Thatā€™s why the harman type deals win out $$$ for the mass market etc

Thanks to all who are trying to help and for listeningā€¦

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Extremely frustrating. Itā€™s a big part of the reason I wound up making my own mini-PC Linux streamer that receives optical Ethernet input: I know and control the hardware and software, so nothingā€™s proprietary, everything adheres to standards, and I donā€™t have to wait for anyone else to update or fix anything. Sounds great, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I believe installing something like the iFi Audio Zen Streamer will not have any consequence on the sound-quality of the dCS Lina DACā€¦ This, by virtue of the dCS design architecture and digital-audio signal handling acumen which buffers and re-clocks the incoming digital-audio signal so to be optimized at a high level of refinementā€¦ I believe the Lina is best served by USB anyway.

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