Tracks skip several seconds at beginning in iTunes mode

I have Audirvana installed running Catalina 10.15.4 on an iMac with a SSD. I gave up on the Audirvana interface due to ineradicable duplicates and a lot of wasted time troubleshooting (Obviously I am not the first nor most recent customer with this problem.). So I use the iTunes integrated mode, but tracks skip the first few seconds before playback. I’ve tried every possible combination of settings, rebuilt library, changed memory allocation, toggled exclusive access, cleared caches, clean reinstall etc. I’m certain my Apogee DAC doesn’t need a “firmware update.” I think the developer needs to hire some support staff.

Forget iTunes or Music Apple Player!! and start again, choosing a different path for your music in Audirvana… don’t tell Music or iTunes to copy your music when added and organised your music in the preferences…Never use Apple to organizie your things, do it yourself… better life coming for sure. Make it simple… i have nearly 40000 songs with no bugs, all covers are there all tags are to my taste, it dosn’t skip, stop or hangs… no upsampling, no EQ, play my songs like they are… Perfect player… save your database somewhere else everyday when you make changes… Have fun listening bitperfect music :slight_smile:

I of course love the superior audio quality of Audirvana, but it is inferior to Apple Music app as a robust music manager. Beta-ware by comparison. But in any case, Music app integration is a major feature and we should expect it to work properly, which it mostly does. A complete erase & reinstall of both got integration mode working for me again, for now, with only periodic little glitches, fingers crossed! (The Audirvana library is full of duplicates as usual, and no, I don’t have 2 copies of my carefully curated 1 Terabyte music collection).