Transfering my playlists to other computer

How do I do this seamlessly without losing my own playlists and all my Qobuz TIDAL accounts and my self made playlists my Os on old mini is Catalina. Any drawbacks using M1chip

Hello @bobbmd,

Are you using Audirvāna Studio or 3.5? with Audirvāna Studio it’s really easy to do this.

yes i am using audirvana studio

If you have the 1.9 update, you should have an option in the Local section to do a backup of your favorites and playlists:

After doing the back up, you just have to restore it in the new computer and you should be good to go.

By doing this, are the number of reads and the last read date lost?

@Antoine Thank you and Happy New Year seems much simpler than what ROON requires me to do-as always AS is so much easier to use and sounds better also! bobbmd

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