Transferring library from Studio to Origin - possible?


I have been using Studio with Tidal for some months and the integration is superb, a pleasure to use. However, I don’t make as much use of Tidal as I thought I might, and am considering cancelling my sub, for a while at least.

If I do cancel, and decide to switch back to using Origin (once my Studio annual sub expires), do I need to (and can I) transfer my library from Studio to Origin, so that I can retain my local favourites, etc.?

they use the same database so i guess yes. Just download origin and free test it now… Close Studio, copy your .sqlite database to somewhere else as a backup… download Origin, load Origin… it will see the database, just check everything is there, favourites, playlists… don’t forget Origin as no tidal or streaming, so your favourites made there in Studio might not be there in Origin… it is free to check, i don’t use Studio :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. I suppose you are right that I could just test it myself, but I prefer to spend my free time listening to music rather than fiddling around with dbase files, saving backups, etc. I just posted here because I thought I might get a quick confirmation from Antoine about whether this will work or not.

Once I know it is going to work, I am more likely to go under the bonnet and move files around.

Hi @bdbtbb,

The database file of Audirvāna Studio/Origin is the same, if you had playlists with streaming content in it, you will still see the content but the track will be skipped during playback. You then have nothing to do excepting installing Audirvāna Origin :wink:

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Thanks for the info on this.

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