.trashes/501 (fault, bug in my library)

Every now and then i clean my library and delete album(s)… But the thing is … sometimes there are ghost files remaining. I trash the album(s) empty the trash, in my case OSX. Audirvana keeps seeing one or more files from that album as if they still remain in my library.

the path look like this

If look this hidden (cmd+shift+. (to make visible) files up on my lacie HD its empty

The only thing that does the trick is remove the AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite file and reload my entire music library playlists etc etc very annoying an rather long procedure

If there is any shorter way of getting rid of this bug much appreciated



@Richard I had this problem a long time ago . I have organized my music in several folders on my HD , so I duplicated the folder which had produced this ghost file, run a new Audirvana synchronisation, then created a new folder from scratch , copied my files in it and run a synchronisation again. The ghost had disappeared !
Close to your solution … but I didn’t touch the db file, just the corrupted folder.

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it is more or less a known bug.
I can recommend 2 workarounds, none is perfect:

  • never add or delete files/folders while Audirvana is open. Close it, then do your adds and deletes on your hard drive, then reopen Audirvana and let it scan and sync the changes cleanly. To some extent, i would also suggest never edit tags when Audrivanais open (if you use a 3rd party tool for tagging). Same as above.

  • use the delete function within Audirvana to delete files. It works in 2 steps: first you select the tracks you want to delete inside A. Use the Delete function in the menu or use the key on your keyboard. This should remove it from your library, but not remove it from your harddrive. Then, from time to time, you can “empty the trash” of Audirvana, which will delete the real files from your hard drive this time. I found this to be a clean method. (Emptying the trash happens in the Preferences menu)

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Merci… And thanks for the heads up on this and so quickly

best regards,


you to thanks allot for the suggestion

does it actually work? have you tested ? :wink:

ive tested a few times now and so far so good…