Tree View reflecting folder on storage disk


I really like Audirvana studio, but for me there is currently a key feature missing (as in version 3.5) preventing me to migrate and buy Audirvana.

The quality is really great, the programme too, but I would really appreciate a simple way to have a folder view in the Library following the organisation of the storage location… I have a well organised library, but sometimes badly tagged and it’s a key feature for me. For example on windows, foobar2000 ist absolutely perfect on this point.

Thanks again … i’m really awaiting this for months :wink:

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I would very much appreciate this feature as well. My large library is also well organized.

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Yes and me too…

It s for me a basic feature that you find in foobar, Jriver, musicbee, winyl…and all players than i Know with linux… But not with Audirvana ???

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