Trial Extension?

Hi, I signed up for a trial back in July but was never able to get it to execute. I got the notice “trial about to end”, and also the survey. I indicated on the survey this issue, but never heard back from Audirvana.
I have not followed up until now because I did not have my equipment purchased. Now that I have my integrated amp and DAC I would like to test out the software with my actual environment.

I already have a Tidal subscription, and I want to compare it with the Tidal app as to what works best in my environment. I also have a Peachtree Nova integrated amp, which is directly recognized by my MAC and the Tidal app, so frankly, I am not sure I why I need Audirvana.

Please advise.

Thanks a lot!

You don’t need it if you only play through Tidal. If you start you build your local library, rip your CDs or use Qobuz, you might want to consider it.

Thanks a lot bitracer. That’s what I was thinking as well, but wasn’t sure if I was missing something. I might at some point consider Qobuz, or other, but it would likely replace Tidal, rather than supplement it. I do have all of my cds ripped losslessly (AIFF) on a hard drive, but still pondering why I’d play those when I can mostly find them (ostensibly) at same or higher resolution on Tidal…

Happy holidays!

For me, Audirvana is the best way to use Qobuz and local files. Audirvana runs on a Mac mini.
with the remote control I can start all files and the playlists.
I can use Dirac via the VST.

The combination of Direct mode over USB and Dirac make it a huge improvement in terms of audio quality.